Hello again, stragglers-who-are-remarkably-still-here! These photos are so far overdue that I'd nearly forgotten I'd been to Munich! But I have, and good weather it was too.

I was lucky to get my first taste of German summer in the gorgeous English Gardens, where when the temperature hits 80 degrees Fahrenheit the lawn is suddenly strewn with bikini- and swim short-clad people and the streams are just as suddenly overflowing with very pale people who are seemingly impervious to cold. I kid you not when I say there was probably very more skin visible than green, and this is not a park lacking in green.

But that's Munich - all about the green. I spent more here in three days than in a whole week in Berlin, and that was just eating and sneaking sips of tap water out of my recycled bottle under the table (I'm not paying 3 euros for spring water when the spring wires directly to the kitchen faucet, lykewutisthis). But mostly I indulged in the sunshine for free, and the beautiful art collections that are only 1 euro to view on Sundays. Because I budget-travel like a boss, and a classy one at that.

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