museum highlight: pinakothek der moderne // munich

Well, hello, and would you look at that - 15 bouts of FRESH-RESOLVE-FOR-REAL-THIS-TIME-GUYS and I can still only just barely call myself a blogger. At least you know it's still the same old me, visiting modern art museums just as much for the clean building details and corners as for the Warhols. So hello Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich's shining concrete gem.

I had a(n - as usual - utterly pointless) debate with myself recently wherein I attempted to rank my favorite things in aaaaall the world. Concrete and ice cream found themselves rather tied for second place between my baby blanket and sunshine, and even though I posited such questions as "if I had to go the rest of my life without one, which would I give up?" and "is my infatuation with ice cream really love for ice cream or just a hot-weather sugar craving?" I couldn't really seem to figure it out. Ice cream comes in such delightful flavors, but concrete comes in the perfect shade of gray and so many delightful textures and design possibilities (seriously, check out those PERFECT details) it blows my mind like a canonball. I guess it's safe to say that as soon as I have a place of my own I'll be experimenting with furniture possibilities... next post will undoubtedly feature an apology for lack of blogging due to an urgent hospital visit after having trapped my hands in a block of concrete trying to build a mold.

I'm surprised I have so much to say, and it kind of worries me because if you're talking too much you're probably talking crap, right? Anyways, these days I'm gearing up to move to Berlin (if only I could find an apartment) and just embarked on a new spiritual journey through the Tao Te Ching (the most personally appealing of religious texts so far). Stay tuned for (hopefully more frequent) updates, as I'm so behind on chronicling the last few months' travels that all my photos will be in the wrong season soon.

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